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We partner with universities to engage their hardest to reach students. The outcome? Meaningful, measurable shifts that have proven to increase student retention and attainment. Our student-centered initiatives take students on a journey of self-awareness, instilling in them the confidence and drive they need to achieve their academic best. We also train staff to develop their inclusive practice and support longer-term strategic change.


Through our work with universities, we’ve seen:

-28% reduction in student drop-outs [compared to the control group]

-80% of students achieve 5% to 10% grade average uplift

-100% increase in student academic confidence in underrepresented groups


helping all students achieve successful outcomes. 

Student Success Services

You can benefit from one or more of our Student Success Initiatives

Achieve Your Academic Best Virtual Masterclass

How to go from struggling on your course to achieving your academic best 

Find out in this highly engaging virtual masterclass, running from September 2020. This deep dive session equips students with the knowledge to understand exactly they need to do to transform their University experience and achieve their academic best.

Consistently achieving a satisfaction rate of 97% and above – online and in person – this masterclass will captivate even the hardest to reach students and start them on their journey to self-awareness, giving them the drive they need to succeed academically.

1-2-1 Student Success Coaching

While your staff offer great student support services, the students who could benefit most may never walk through the door.

That’s where our Student Success Coaching Advisors step in. We proactively reach out to priority student groups to deliver 1-2-1 personalised, student-focussed coaching sessions through flexible communication channels. Available 7am to 11pm, coaching sessions take place on each students’ channel of choice, which may range from phone calls, SMS, messenger apps and web conference tools.

Our priority is meaningful engagement, and the outcomes are clear. We’ve seen a 28% increase in retention and 100% increase in academic confidence for participating students.

Leading Race Equity Staff Training Sessions

To close ethnicity-related disparities there must be a whole institutional approach.


Institutional change cannot happen without ‘localised’ leaders who are equipped, trained and best positioned to strategically influence change within their department or faculty.

Our Advancing Race Equity Training course takes participants through a mix of online training sessions and ongoing coaching conversations. Participants are supported in understanding the key drivers of the problem in their context and area of influence. Then, working collaboratively they are supported to develop a plan of action to stimulate systemic change.

Bookings will open in 2021.

What our students say about us

“Having my own Success Advisor really helped me address my priorities and make a plan to get things done! I was really grateful that I could get support outside of university hours.”

YewandeBA Humanities, Undergraduate

“Without my Student Success Coach I don’t think I would have got through university, I was juggling so many things that I did not know where to start. With there guidance I learnt how to prioritise my time and make it to all my lectures”

MichaelaBA Business Studies, Undergraduate

“I found the programme to be effective. It was successful in helping me to remain goal oriented and organised. My SCA was extremely supportive and offered great advice. The encouragement he provided was brilliant. Overall, the programme was extremely beneficial.”

SamiqueBA English Literature, Undergraduate

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